Gary Blankenship

BSAE (1974) and MSAE (1975) from the University of Missouri - Rolla. 

 Professional experience:

      McDonnell Douglas - Douglas Aircraft Co.

Acoustics Section Manager and FAA DER responsible for FAR 36 noise certification programs and exterior noise control programs for the  Dc-8, -9, -10, MD-80, -11, -90, -95: PropFan and C-17.         

Mr Blankenship developed Static-to Flight projection methodology for aircraft design and "Family-Plan" Certifications.

Gulfstream Aerospace Co.

FAA DER and Senior Acoustical Engineer with the responsible for noise certification and airport noise programs including interior noise control on the Gulfstream G-I, II, III, and IV.

          Cessna Aircraft Co.

Dynamicist and Acoustics Engineer responsible for exterior and interior noise control programs for the Citation jets and twin-engine piston and turboprop aircraft.

         DyTec Engineering

Acoustical engineer on various aerospace and Industrial noise control projects for government and commercial customers.


Mark Lang


BS (1969), MS (1972) and Ph. D. (1975) from Carnegie Mellon University  His doctoral research was on the development of an optimal design of a lightweight sandwich structure for maximum noise reduction. 


Professional experience:


          McDonnell Douglas - Douglas Aircraft Co.


Acoustics Section manager:  responsible for Interior Noise design for production programs including MD-80, MD-90, MD-11 and c-17. Interior noise designs for the MD-11 and C-17 aircraft, a noise reduction effort for the aft cabin of the MD-80

Section Manager: Acoustic Laboratory and Flight test programs, including  laboratory development tests on active noise control systems

Team Leader: MD-90 aircraft test program from FAR 36 noise certification to interior noise measurement. 

Consultant to flight ramp on predelivery noise problems. 

Test Coordinator for several contract Hushkit programs for the DC-8, DC-9 and B-737 aircraft.   


          Owens Corning Fiberglas Research Center (Granville, OH)


Senior Engineer providing customer support to both the aircraft and appliance industries to help develop efficient acoustical treatment packages for their products.  He also developed a computer operating system for the Acoustical Research Lab.  Dr. Lang was co-author of a Patent for a lightweight thermal insulation material.


          Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)


Assistant Professor Building Engineering teaching Noise and Vibration Control   

Developed an Acoustical Research Laboratory in the Department of Building Engineering.



         Member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering

         Past Chairman of the Subcommittee on Research  ASTM  Committee E-33.